Get A Consistent Flood Of Leads & Sales 
Using Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels

Get A Consistent Flood Of Leads & Sales 
Using Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels
Creative and Data-Driven Facebook Ads and Funnels That Skyrocket Your Business. Say Bye-Bye to Hit & Miss Results!
Your Complimentary Strategy Call With Us!
We've built 1000+ ad campaigns and hundreds of funnels (some for the top names out there!). We've also got the results and testimonials to prove it! But anyway, enough bragging about us! How can we help you? 
Jump on a call with us and we'll discuss:
  • YOUR GOALS: Where you are now? And where do you want to go? We'll show you what you need to get there. 
  •  FOUNDATION: Establish an automation strategy to hit your goals and free up your time. 
  •  PROFITABILITY/ROI: How to ensure your strategy is PROFITABLE using FB ads and/or sales funnels. 
  •  FACEBOOK AD HEALTH CHECK - Get a detailed look in your ad account and pinpoint why your ads aren’t doing as well as you want them to and how to finally achieve those results you’re after.
Co-founders Paul de Zeeuw & Rachel Xavier.
But first, you might be wondering why on Earth you should trust us! 

Check out who we are, our testimonials and results below and if you like what you see, lock in a free strategy call with us. 
Hi! We're The Social Tap.
Our agency is made up of marketing experts who have made it their life's mission to spread the messages, services and products of amazing entrepreneurs and business owners through Facebook ads and funnels. 
We have made over 1000 ad campaigns and been in numerous 6 figure campaigns.
These campaigns were for all kinds of businesses including coaches, events, local businesses and ecommerce. 
We've also built hundreds of funnels and our team has build funnels for the biggest names out there including well-known marketers, famous celebrities and members of the 2 comma club. 
Our team has worked with start-ups right the way through to 7 figure earners. 

It's safe to say we know a thing or 2 about FB ads and funnels! 
“I’m SUPER SUPER happy with the results you guys have been giving us here in the last 6 months or so, I couldn’t ask for anything better. Literally the time you hit go on the campaign, the leads were coming straight was crazy” - David.H.

We can take care of the entire Facebook ads management. From setting up, monitoring, adjusting, targeting, re-targeting, copy, creatives and scaling. You won't have to lift a finger or do any studying!
 We strategize and create highly converting and psychologically powerful landing pages, sales pages, upsell/down sell pages, email marketing and much more. Can be used for all types of businesses. We use Click Funnels. 
We don't just write copy, we delve into the deepest pains and desires of your audience so they trust and love your business. We do copy writing, content writing, lead magnet creation, editing, proof reading and email marketing. 
Turn those warm leads on your email list into loyal buyers. Your email sequences are a powerful tool to generate sales and keep you on top of your audience's mind. We know the best practices when it comes to which sequences to use and the copy that will increase open and conversion rates. 
Mentioned in...
What Our Clients Are Saying
Some results are blurred and blacked out and we also don't use client names for their own privacy. 
Facebook Ads to Webinar Funnel For a Coach.
 $225,000 REVENUE
over 3 months (& still going strong) from an ad spend of $22,719.

10 X ROI
Client's return on ad spend from Facebook. 
to webinar which is 35% more than the average. 
Before hiring us, our client had hired another ad agency. They were getting zero leads to the webinar and costing a lot of money. After launching with us, we now get a steady flow of leads who register for an automated webinar and then book a call after. The leads are highly qualified and therefore resulting in a 14.4% sales closing rate for a high ticket service.

We totally transformed the campaign and we can't wait to keep adding to it!  

Facebook Ads for a Music Event.
66 x ROI
Clients Return On Ad Spend from Facebook and Instagram ads. 
for a music event. It cost $1.21 PER SALE through the ad and one ticket was $60!

€64,260 REVENUE
with only €974 ad spend over 2 months.
Facebook Ads for a Coach to Sell a Course
with an ad spend of €11,045.

5.4 X ROI
Client's return on ad spend from Facebook and Instagram ads.
In one week. The course was €500.
This was a lead magnet funnel to a video mini course and cheat sheet (see image) sending them to a nurturing Facebook group. Then we retargeted the audience with testimonials for the pre-launch and used a scarcity video about the course. The course registration was open for one week where we generated €60,000 for our client. 

They made nearly 50k in one week and were able to take care of their students and nurture their Facebook group rather than worry about learning ads and funnels! 

Facebook Ads for a Local Business 
with an ad spend of €660. Each client was worth $700 so here we look at life time value per client. 

68 X ROI
Client's return on ad spend from Facebook and Instagram ads.
We got 220 leads in just the first two weeks. 
Facebook Ads For Ecommerce (Hotel Voucher) 
 €228,500 REVENUE
with an ad spend of €10,342.

22 X ROI
Client's return on ad spend from Facebook and Instagram ads.
We used a powerful combination of Facebook Ads, Google Ads and retargeting. 
 €132,256,26 EXTRA REVENUE
By using our abandoned cart sequence, we managed to get on-the-fence buyers to purchase. 
Facebook Ads for Ebooks & an Online Conference 
15,000+ SIGN UPS
to the online conference for $1.31 per sign up and still going strong! This was over 1.5 months and still continuing to grow. 
 for $1.21 per download over 2 months.

for $1.50 per download over 2 months.
All 3 campaigns were to cold traffic which makes the cost per sign up extremely good. 

We added 15,000+ people to their email list and each email is worth money to them. 

Their company awareness grew enormously. 

They have 2,393 people in their Facebook group now for the conference alone. They will upsell attendees.

They eventually sell courses and in-person workshops to their email list and Facebook groups.

"When I finished building my funnel, I wanted to run some tests and advertise on Facebook, and that was when I found Paul. 

I wasn't happy just paying marketers to run my Facebooks ads for me because as an Entrepreneur, I believe I have to have a basic knowledge of what I am doing before I fully handle the job to a professional. 

Paul has always been kind and very patient with me, showing me what to do rather than making me dependent. He worked with me as a mentor, giving me guidance and confidence that I needed to make decisions, explaining and helping me to understand how the FB works and today, I am confident to create a new campaign in minutes. 

Paul was kind, supportive, and a Facebook Ads PRO. I am not too happy recommending him, because he might get too busy and may no longer have time for me when I need (I know that's selfish) but yes, I super recommend Paul - he's excellent, and I look forward to working with him soon!"

Danielle Fluntie, Casaseven.
"I’ve spent nearly 3 months to find a great Facebook advertising and marketing company until I came across Rachel and Paul from Social Tap. 

They have helped a lot with the funnel preparations, are very responsive and we’ve gotten thousands of leads for between $1-2 per lead using Facebook ads.

I’ve been working with them for 6 months and I enjoy working with them. I’m sure you’ll enjoy working with them too so that’s why I made this testimonial. Speak soon guys!"

Agi Szelestey - PA to Mark Walsh Embodied Facilitator and Embodied Yoga Principles.
We've Built Sales Funnels & Created Ads For Dr. Holmes
in Russell Brunson's "2 Comma Club"
We've built multiple funnels and created Facebook ads for Dr. Anissa Holmes - a part of the 2 comma club. 
 £61,500 REVENUE WITH AN AD SPEND OF £14,592 | ROI OF 4.22
 REVENUE OF £281,341 WITH AN AD SPEND OF £40,286 | ROI OF 6.98
 525 event signs ups for $3 per sign up!
We went viral! 3000 signs up for $0.03 per lead using a virality software to a funnel. 
  “It’s a pleasure to have someone like Paul working with us. He is a true social media marketer and funnel builder. He clearly knows his stuff. Highly recommended to work with!”

Bas B.
  "Amazing work 
Paul took ownership, got amazing results on the FB campaign (probably one of the best i ever had)
looking forward to working with him again"

Moustafa H.
*For Paul
"I had the privilege to work with Rachel on TEDxPretoria and would highly recommend her. She is punctual, efficient and a pleasure to work with. She was a great addition to the team." 

Linda S.
  “Rachel is a very professional and great copywriter. We have been asking her for multiple articles I would highly recommend Rachel to any company that wants to create valuable content.”

Taco H.
    “Paul is a creative, intelligent and gifted individual. He has strong analytical skills and uses them to give context to his work. He is a proficient cross-platform marketer who truly understands how to deliver messages to multiple audiences. He has strong skills in communications and collaboration. More importantly, he always looks at the big picture and finds creative ways to accomplish his work with strategic objectives in mind."

Felix L.
  "Rachel & Paul completed the job on time and on budget. They went above what was required to make the job objective work and I really appreciated that."

Scott M.

"It TRULY was a great experience working with Rachel and her main business partner Paul.Rachel and Paul are a specialized team who will exceed your expectations to get your funnels, Facebook ads and copy running. They are both very sharp and catch mistakes when they see them. We got a great ROI and conversion rate and it was all thanks to them. Thank you, guys! Will hire in the future and highly recommend."

Ilya B.
  "Amazingly passionate about what she does, and takes ownership of making things happen loved working with Rachel.
We will keep working with her on more project"

Moustafa H. 
*For Rachel
Who We Can Help
New & Established Coaches
Courses & Info Products
Local Businesses
E-commerce Sites
Event Holders
  • Established brands & businesses that have a website and have already successfully sold their product or service (not necessarily online but through other means). OR have sufficient proof their product/service will deliver. 
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs, businesses and brands that are able and ready to invest in their business. You'll need to be in a position to invest Facebook ad services and your own ad spend. You may also be quoted a set-up fee depending on your goals. 
  • AWESOME PEOPLE! We love serving people who are amazing at what they do and who we get along with on a personal and professional level. We have on-going relationships with all our clients and want to keep it that way! 
  • Extremely new businesses that don't have a website or a validated product or service. 
  • Businesses who are not in the position to invest. We require that clients have a minimum of $500-$1000 to spend in the first month. And can invest in people to help them with their business. 
  • Who want a get-rich-quick-solution or who expect profit on day 1. For most companies it will take longer than that. 
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... you can request a free strategy call with us where we'll personally talk to you about where you are, your goals, and you can ask us any questions you like! We'll even take a look into your ad account (if you want) and advise on how you can best succeed with FB ads and sales funnels. 

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